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Star Fans


September 8, 1966 changed science fiction as the world knew it. A show named Star Trek made its debut on the television airwaves. It was the best science fiction since The Day The Earth Stood Still! I was hooked!

I've been so for forty-two years: watching every episode of every Star Trek series, owning DVDs of the seasons, saw and own all ten movies, read and own a number of the fiction and non-fiction books.

Like a great deal of Star Trek fans I too had different ideas for stories. Being a writer, I put numerous ones to paper for only my friends to read. I learned only recently of fan fiction and decided to throw my hat into the ring.

In Memory of My Dad

Even though Paramount and Pocket Books own the copyrights of the Star Trek characters the story on this site and the Elvin characters are original and subject to copyright.

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